Bi-component Nonwoven

Bi-component non-woven fabric is manufactured by means of Reifenhauser technology from polypropylene (core) and polyethylene (sheath). The polyethylene sheath of the individual filaments (continuous filaments) gives the resulting nonwoven fabric very specific qualities that include the following:

  • Softness and very pleasant feel.
  • Excellent comfort qualities in contact with the most sensitive parts of human skin.
  • Higher elasticity.
  • New quality for hygienic applications (baby nappies, ladies hygiene or incontinency products).
  • Higher possibilities of binding (polyethylene) with other materials for composite fabric in automotive or building industries.

These main advantages of BICO nonwoven fabrics are present in all the applications where there is a direct contact of sensitive human skin with non-woven fabric. The main applications of bi-component fabrics include baby nappies, ladies hygiene and incontinency nappies and towels.


  • Basic surface density from 15g/m2 to 80 g/m2
  • High fibre uniformity and fineness from 1.5 den
  • Possible hydrophobic or hydrophilic treatment
  • Max Width: 3200 mm / 126 inches