PP Nonwoven Weed Control Fabric

The fabric is made from Spun bond Nonwovens from 40gsm to 60gsm (1.2 oz to 2 oz). The fabric is produced on a ReifenhauserReicofil Line from Germany, which gives consistent fabric quality and the required strength for life of the fabric. We specialize in Retail packs with 4 color printed labels and shrink-wrap. We can supply the fabric in any color as per customer's request. The fabric is UV treated for giving the extra life to the fabric.


  • Retards weed growth with a barrier between mulch and soil.
  • Allows water, air, herbicides, fertilizer and insecticide flow into the soil.
  • Lends insulation to root systems against sudden temperature changes.
  • Minimizes erosion and loss of mulch due to soil intrusion.
  • Chemically inert; resists mildew, rotting and insect invasion.
  • Reduces plant bed maintenance and cuts back the need for watering.
  • Maintains moisture better.

Fleece Covers

  • Generally available in white in color, we offer the covers from 15gsm to 30gsm as per customer's requirements. Made from nonwoven polypropylene the ambient temperature under the fleece is up to 2°C warmer than the outside temperature. This increases both yield and crop quality.

Agri Crop Covers

  • Our spun bonded crop covers help protect your crops from insects, wind, rain and (using our optional lightweight version) burning sun. The list of useful benefits from these crop covers include capturing heat on sunny days; retaining heat radiating from the ground at night; protecting plants from cold snaps; reducing occurrences of aphids, root maggots and flea beetles; helping to deter birds and deer from decimating crops through camouflage and helping to extend the growing season into late fall. The standard weight of the fabric is 17gsm to 21 gsm.


  • 3 mtrs x 500 mtrs
  • 3 mtrs x 450 mtrs
  • 3 mtrs x 400 mtrs
  • 2.4 mtrs x 300 mtrs


  • 3% UV, 2% UV and 1% UV

Kozy Quilts

  • Kozy Quilts are made using unique Polyfills manufactured by DuPont ComforMax. Thepolyfills are made usingworld-class carding technology impregnated with anti-bacterial properties, which make the quilts extremely healthy and hygienic, yet providing superior warmth and comfort. DuPont's advanced carding technology provides 4-5 times more fibrefill layers than other forms of insulation. Each single fibrefill layer is only 5~10g/sqm, and this true multi-layer structure is the secret of superior performance.


  • Excellent Warmth.
  • Soft and Lightweight.
  • Healthy & Hygienic.
  • Does not lose its shape over a period of time.
  • Does not sag over the edges.

Product Details

Kozy Quilts made out of DuPont ComforMax Sizes Available :

  • Double Bed Premium – 88" x 100".
  • Single Bed Premium – 60" x 88".

Wash Care Instructions

  • Wash Warm.
  • Gentle Cycle – Remove Promptly.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not Iron.